We provide BUSINESS AWARENESS workshops and training (click on the link on the botton of this page to see more)

You will find SCA listed on National Consultants Register as well as MENTORSME PORTAL

We Provide Apprenticeship advice and support for employers

Our Aims

  • We would aspire you to find SOLUTIONS to your business problems.
  • We would work with you to NURTURE your business and bring your ideas to a successful conclusion.
  • We would assist you on your way to greater HEIGHT of Turnover and profitability.
  • We would be your CRITICAL FRIEND in understanding your business needs as well as support you whenever you need our support and guidance.

If you are in need of our services please contact us with your details and a brief description of what your enquiry is about and we will be in touch within Twenty-Four hours.

You may also call if you prefer. 

If you are a Consultant looking  to work with us, contact us by giving your details on the website and we will be in touch

We also run business awareness courses which are designed to help businessmen and women achieve their true potential and avoid mistakes which may lead to business collapse.

All our fees are competitive and represents value for money.

The courses are led by experienced professionals who are up to date with demands of business

SCA New Business Support 2018

SCA Business Awareness Flyer 2018-19

What is business mentoring

SCA-Speed Business Mentoring Information





Core Service Provisions 

  • Business mentoring 
  • High Growth Business Support
  • International Project Development/monitoring
  • Training in Business related courses and Master-classes in Managing your Finance, Marketing and Social Media, Investment appraisal and Procurement,  (see our course outline)
  • Business seminars and workshops.

Other Services

  • Sopport for Social Enterprises 
  • Partnership working with other professionals and organisations.


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